Flight Training

External Load Work

Fly the Mountains
of Colorado

Turbine Transition

Get your turbine transition with
High Altitude Mountain training all in one!

Helicopter Charters

As a Part 135 Operator we can easily get you from Durango and Cortez airports to Telluride airport, Silverton, Dunton Hot Springs, Sutcliff Winery, Mesa Verde, and many other places in the area.

RECCO Sensor

CHH now has a RECCO Sensor. Find out what new capabilities we have with it!

Additional Services

  • Law Enforcement & Civilian Air Tactical Training
  • Part 133 External Load Work
  • Photography & Reconnaissance
  • Agricultural Services
  • Patrol & Surveillance
  • Wildlife Management & Forestry Support
  • Pest Animal Control
  • Search & Rescue
  • Skydiving Charters

Ready to Fly?