Colorado Highland Helicopters can provide a range of aerial services.

Part 133 External Load Work
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Law Enforcement & Civilian Air Tactical Training:
Colorado Highland Helicopters works with Colorado Gun Fighter to provide Law Enforcement and Civilian Air Tactical training. We provide a mobile shooting platform for shooters to train in to build confidence. Courses also provided are:
• Active Shooter
• Pilot Air Tactical Flying

Photography & Reconnaissance:
• Want a bird’s eye view of your new home, property or project?
• Aerial pictures anywhere in the area for a business website or other media
• Special event coverage

Agricultural Services:
• Frost patrol
• Field survey

24/7 Search & Rescue Response:
• Search Assists, equipment movement
Sheriff, EMS and SAR available
• Serving Southwest Colorado and outlying areas

Patrol & Surveillance:
• Protect property from trespass. Stop illegal hunting/poaching. Guard crops prior to harvest
• Pipeline or power line
• Roadway, railway or waterway security

Wildlife Management & Forestry Support:
• Population survey
• Support for research tagging or capture
• Fire support
• Survey for fire damage or beetle kill

Pest Animal Control:
• Bird mitigation, predator control, invasive/destructive species reduction

Skydiving Charters
3 jumper capacity.