Call Us 24/7 For Emergency Response

• Search Assists, equipment movement
• Sheriff, EMS and SAR available
• Serving Southwest Colorado and outlying areas

Colorado Highland Helicopters is available to assist search and rescue teams, fire departments, law enforcement, forest service and emergency medical services in the four corners area in any capacity required. We want the people who make southwest Colorado their home as well as the outdoor enthusiasts who travel here to feel confident that their safety is a priority. Lost or trapped travelers, hunters, hikers, fisherman as well as mountain climbers, back country skiers, snowmobiles, and river runners are our concern. We can search, infill personnel, equipment and search dogs and comb avalanche fields. We will try to work with any need required.

Colorado Highland Helicopters Search and Rescue, Ltd. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides helicopter support to Search and Rescue teams, Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement within Colorado. We work in conjunction with public safety individuals during their missions and fund-raising. Support is always welcome. Contact us to get involved.