Alpine Heli Tours is now Durango Heli Tours! Even if you’ve lived in Durango for a while, it’s an entirely different experience seeing your home from above. Let Durango Heli Tours take you on the adventure of a lifetime with one of our breathtaking routes.

Tour Packages

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Summer Special Tour

Durango Heli Tours’ Summer Special is an incredible flight that descends down through Cascade & Lime Creek Canyon down to the deep Box-Canyon of the Animas River. You’ll see all of the incredible mountain peaks from our Premier Mountain Tour, with the addition of almost 30 minutes chasing the rapids of some of Durango’s most well-known river runs.

The descent is an incredible ride through the upper Animas Valley looking down to the D&SNGRR tracks in the valley below.

Premier Mountain Tour

Our Premier Mountain Tour features an incredible sight-seeing journey from our base at Animas Airpark to nearly 11,000′ into the San Juan Mountains. You will have an incredible view of Engineer Mountain, Spud Lake/Mountain, the Needles, and so much more.

The descent is an incredible ride through the upper Animas Valley looking down to the D&SNGRR tracks in the valley below.

Mountain Lake Tour

The Mountain Lake Tour is a look into Durango’s most famous mountain lakes. Beginning at Animas Airpark, the Mountain Lake Tour will take you over the beautiful town of Durango to Lemon Lake then to over 10,000′ as we jump over Vallecito Lake. You will have incredible views of the San Juan Mountains, vast mountain valleys, and dense evergreen forests.

Animas City Tour

The Animas City Tour is a great way to experience the art of flight without breaking the bank. Like our premier tours, the Animas City Tour begins at Animas Airpark only minutes from the heart of downtown Durango. While on the Animas City tour you will fly just above Lake Nighthorse, here you will have incredible views of the La Plata Mountains. We will then take an exciting descent down “Wild Cat Canyon” just over the City of Durango, then towards Turtle Lake and the remarkable red-rock cliffs that line the lower Animas River Valley. This is an incredible experience for all, and will showcase the beauty of our enchanting mountain town.

Premier New Mexico Tour

Welcome to our Premier New Mexico Tour, where we invite you on a remarkable helicopter adventure through the enchanting landscapes of New Mexico. Get ready to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of hidden arches, explore an alien crash site, and immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the Aztec ruins.

New Mexico Arches Tour

Welcome to our New Mexico Arches Tour, where we invite you to experience the raw beauty and untamed wilderness of the rugged sandstone terrain. Prepare for an extraordinary helicopter adventure that will showcase the breathtaking landscapes and unveil hidden arches that can only be seen from the air or by embarking on an hiking expedition.

Twilight Flights

Welcome to our Twilight Flight, a magical helicopter ride that invites you and your family to experience the captivating beauty of Durango, Colorado. Prepare to embark on a short but unforgettable 15-minute journey that will leave you in awe of the stunning twilight skies while overlooking our beautiful small town!

Custom Tours

Build your own custom flight deep into the San Juan region of the Colorado Rockies, or head South into the high-desert of Southern Colorado or Northern New Mexico. View incredible granite peaks, rivers, waterfalls and high-mountain forests from the comfort of our Airbus H125 helicopter. With seating for up to 5-passengers and pricing at $1800/hr, this tour will hit the mark for even the most experienced adventure travelers.


What time of day do you usually fly?

Durango is such a beautiful city, however, its position in relation to the San Juan Mountains means that we will often have windy/turbulent conditions in the afternoon. As a result, we typically schedule out flights for the morning. If the afternoon is the only flight option for you, please be sure to call and we can look into weather forecasts for the afternoon.

Will we be with a large group of people for our flight?

Durango Heli Tours provides private helicopter tours, which means that you will only be with your group and the pilot throughout the entire experience.

Are cell phones allowed? And can we bring our own cameras?

Yes and yes! Because our pilots fly within the visual flight rules (VFR) umbrella, cell phones are allowed, and they do not need to be in Airplane Mode during the flight. Additionally, we encourage our guests to bring cameras, GoPros, or whatever equipment they’d like to document their flight. If you’d like AHT to provide in-flight video or photo services for your group, please let us know at booking!

Should I worry about motion sickness while in the helicopter?

Our tour aircraft feature 180 degree glass windows, with incredible outward views. Additionally, each seat is equipped with air-vents that allow fresh air to enter the cabin while in-flight. AHT is proud to say that we have never had a passenger get sick while on a tour.

What are the maximum height/weight limitations for passengers?

Due to aircraft airframe, interior size, and weight & balance limitations, passengers are restricted to a maximum of 250lbs and a height of 6’4″- If you exceed either of these limitations, please discuss alternative options when booking your flight. However, please understand that although our goal is to accommodate everyone, we are required to stay within the aircraft limitations in order to maintain flight safety.

What are some other things to do while in Durango?

Durango is an incredible place to vacation, especially if you are interested in outdoor activities, from the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, to white water rafting, Durango has a little something for everyone! If planning a trip during the winter, Purgatory Ski Resort is another great option and offers incredible area for Skiing and Snowboarding.

Helicopter Tours Durango

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*Weight restrictions apply : Maximum seat capacity (250lbs) – Please be prepared to provide an accurate weight during the scheduling process. All tours are subject to change to due potential flight risks and weather conditions. For specific questions or concerns, please contact our direct line at (970) 765-1442.